Month: November 2020

  • Peano and the natural numbers

    Do Peano’s axioms define the natural numbers? Would it be possible for any system of axioms to do so? Some musings after Mathieu Marion’s article ‘Wittgenstein on Surveyability of Proofs’. (I don’t think there’s anything original in here; it’s just me thinking through the topic.) What are the natural numbers? Of course, they’re 0, 1, […]

  • I stepped into – God’s World – today –

    (After Dickinson) I stepped into – God’s World – today – It fully to – Explore His Landscaping was – Total His Seasons were – the Four I saw – an Isle – of Fantasy – Was floating down – the Street A place where burning – Bodies – came When Minds – had failed […]

  • Trump’s Failure

    For months, Donald Trump has laid the groundwork for his post-election strategy: refuse to concede, start legal challenges, undermine the legitimacy of the democratic process and of Biden’s victory. And yet, this strategy continues to surprise me. And it should surprise you too, for it makes little sense. How is it possible that at this […]