Category: Poetry

  • I stepped into – God’s World – today –

    (After Dickinson) I stepped into – God’s World – today – It fully to – Explore His Landscaping was – Total His Seasons were – the Four I saw – an Isle – of Fantasy – Was floating down – the Street A place where burning – Bodies – came When Minds – had failed […]

  • Two sonnets on rocks

    I wrote two sonnets today. First, one about rocks. Then, another one about rocks, but now starting from (a variant on) the line “He cracked her open to her very core.” Sonnet. On the Topic of Rocks O rocks, o little rocks, you small parts of the EarthO rough detachèd flakes from off our Mother’s […]

  • Evangelist of Nature

    This is my letter to the WorldThat never wrote to Me —The simple News that Nature told —With tender Majesty Her Message is committedTo Hands I cannot see —For love of Her — Sweet — countrymen —Judge tenderly — of Me On a first reading of this Emily Dickinson poem (#519 in the Franklin edition), […]

  • W. F. Hermans (2011)

    Die liefde heet ik geen manie die ieder voelt voor zijn genie ik lees zijn boeken vol emotie en kniel dan neder in devotie voor W. F. Hermans, kloeke held die ons de Waarheid heeft verteld die in de kern der wereld zag en niets vond dan wat hoongelach. Mijn hart versnelt als ik hem […]